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After all what I've been through in life...I owe myself the Life that I deserve and the best version of me is now part of the process of what I'm thriving to become.

Life is never easy but it is our choice in life that defines our character and our true identity. It's not what others expectations should be our becoming goal in life, but what we are destined to become are the paths that we lead ourselves in this journey.

This is my biggest why I'm giving my best shot to this opportunity, so myself, my children, family and loved ones will have the chance to live the life of our dreams .Dreams that just doesn't happen in our sleep but living the dreams that we deserve in our reality.

I believe that God's plan for us are the best and unchangeable but even God also wants us to make an effort- to seek His Will.

Brenda Cano- Cruz

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I was a factory worker for 20 years and started this business with zero knowledge. Now, I'm doing this business successfully in the comfort of my own home, while spending quality time with my family and grandkids!


I used to work three jobs in the hospitality industry. Now, I'm my own boss and I can travel whenever I want!


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